With Belgian Winners we make the difference.

Belgian Winners stands for Belgian top quality. In the production department of Orovet bv, a subsidiary of Groupe Lataire bv, high quality health products for racing pigeons are produced and developed.

Precisely because the quality, the type of raw material and its application makes the difference, we have surrounded ourselves with a nutrition expert from the sports world, a pigeon vet, a nutrition engineer and an experience expert.

The "pigeon sport" evolves just as in all other sports. The "type" athlete and his guidance from the past, wouldn't even come to work today. Why? Because in all branches of sport, the bar is being raised more and more.

Every pigeon fancier has his own opinion and interpretation concerning the use of supplements. But it's a good thing too.

The success with pigeons depends on a combination of factors: the experience of the fancier, the quality of the pigeons, the loft and the nutritional support. With the nutritional system of Belgian Winners, we make the difference.

History in animal feed sales since 1947

The Lataire family is ready for the third generation as a trader in animal feed. In 1947 Gerard Lataire started a company in grains and feed in Beernem (Belgium) and served the farmers in the region with the brands Remy (Wijgmaal), Vanhove (Ledeberg), Buysse (Ingelmunster), Talpe (Kortrijk) and Debaillie (Roeselare).

History in animal feed sales since 1947

From 2009 onwards, Group Lataire, led by Thomas Lataire, took a clear focus by specializing in 'Animal Healthcare'. More than 2300 vitamins, supplements, medicated lenses and health products for birds and pigeons are sold worldwide by Group Lataire in more than 40 countries.

Thomas Lataire

In Belgium, subsidiary Belpharmed bv, as a wholesaler, takes care of the logistical distribution of the supplements, while in the Netherlands, subsidiary TNL Pharma bv, as a pharmaceutical wholesaler, takes care of the distribution of the medicines. The production department Orovet bv develops and produces its own brands as well as private label products. And Avimedis bv takes the online strategy under its wings. With this structure of companies, Group Lataire plays with a certain focus a leading role in the niche of pigeon racing.